By the sunsets end,
someone misunderstoodly
May think himself is no life around
Meanwhile, caught spieldound
You sense the life sparkling in the air.

Lilting from the ground,
a sacred sleeping place
A being yet unknown,
a lord the night has crowne
As always it gets dark, that´s enough.
As the silence provides return to Aquelôo.

Was born in a pagan age, so far away
Land of wisdom and magic energies,
so far away
The universe´s bearing day he saw.
The days of old.
He sense the good or evil within minds, since days of old.

Bringing back again
the tales so long untold
Old songs that he learned,
arcanes of light and glow.
Aquelôo is dancing indeed
Forgetting the night must pay
the sun it´s fee.

Like an a mass he keeps on goin on,
just like always
Light stabs the night, a new mornig has dawn, just like always
Life so awakes, and nothing can be done, just like always

Aquelôo hides invisible in gaze